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We only sell the most efficient, reliable gas geysers available.

Benefits of our Gas Geysers:

  • Superior Back up
  • World-class efficiency
  • Better long-term durability
  • Superior long-term Savings

Rinnai gas geysers are some of the best gas geysers available in South Africa. With their great warranty, high quality and excellent efficiency they offer a very high-value product. These three factors make Rinnai gas geysers a very easy sell for those who want to make big savings in the long run. Other cheaper geysers simply do not have the efficiency or durability that premium geysers like Rinnai have.


What Size Rinnai Gas Geyser Should You Buy? 

If you only plan to use one shower/tap at a time then all you need is a single 20 litre per minute geyser. A 20l geyser will be able to run 2 showers at the same time but at a reduced flow. If you are sure that you are going to use more than one shower at a time then it might be wise to get a bigger gas geyser, 26 litres per minute and up. Bigger geysers do not use more gas than smaller ones at the same flow rate, however the more water that flows through the gas geyser the more gas it will need to heat up the water.


The Rinnai range Comes in 20, 26 and 32 Liter per minute Units

  • 6 Star Energy Rating
  • Frost Protection system
  • 10-year Heat Exchanger warranty